Pest Control in Dubai

MPC Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services in Dubai & Sharjah for the commercial and domestic purpose. We solve the pest problem in the most professional and sophisticated way using only Municipality Approved Pesticides.

Our pest control services are reliable, prompt and eco-friendly in nature. Our services covers almost all types of residential & commercial buildings and under-construction sites. We have a team of well trained pest control supervisors and operators to carryout services in different premises like-

Cockroach Control

Cockroacheses will eat just about anything. But the American and German varieties have a particular fondness for the very things we like:

Termites Control

Termites prefer moist warm conditions in which they can thrive. Termites hide in the walls of our homes to feed and stay warm. Termites can be found in the home for these reasons.

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs are active only at night, usually just before dawn. During the day, they hide in cracks and crevices. in walls, floors, beds, and furniture.

Rodent Control

Rodents are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the World. They eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property,

Mosquitoes Control

mosquitoeses can live in almost any environment, with the exception of extreme cold weather. They favor forests, marshes, tall grasses and weeds,

Ants Control

Ants live in large groups called colonies. They may nest underground, inside trees, or in the walls and voids of a house or building. Inside a home,

Spider Control

Spiderss are the largest entirely carnivorous group of animals on the planet. Without Spiderss, insects would reach pest proportions throughout the entire world.

Bird Control

Bird nets are made of plastic and are long-lasting, hygienic, good value for money, and do not harm the birds in any way. MPC has different mesh openings effective for different sized birds. Nets protect structures from pigeons, mynas, and sparrows

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