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Rodents make up about 40% of all mammal species, which equates to 1,500 different types of animals. This class of creatures includes rats, mice, beavers, porcupines, squirrels, guinea pigs, gophers, and hamsters.

Rodents are believed to have been on earth for more than 50 million years. They live on all continents except Antarctica and are distinguished by their incisor teeth, which continue to grow throughout their lifetime.

Rodents Pest Control Services

Rats and Mice have been responsible for spreading fatal disease and damaging our food and property since civilization began. Being able to adapt quickly to new environments and available food, rats and mice are an ongoing issue in the Emirates and most properties are at threat.

Our technicians are fully trained, approved, and equipped to control rats or mice in your home or business. Our team will locate the source of the issue, identify the species, the causes, nesting areas and entry points, followed by carrying out a safe effective treatment using the best industry control methods and products. To help achieve long term control our technician will highlight likely causes and give you recommendations, such as pest proofing or sanitary improvements.

What do rodents look like?

Rodents range in size from a few inches to many feet and from one ounce to 150 pounds, depending on species. Their unifying feature is their teeth: sharp, curved incisors that are optimized for gnawing and chewing. These incisors never stop growing, so rodents must continuously find ways to wear them down. Rats and mice are capable of six bites each second, and they can gnaw through concrete and metal. In general, rodents have highly-developed senses of vision, smell, and hearing. Some also have whiskers that are used to enhance their ability to feel their surroundings.

Common rodents like rats and mice have a maximum lifespan of 5 years, while marmots, chinchillas, and chipmunks may live 10-15 years. A single mouse can produce more than 50 offspring annually and is capable of becoming pregnant again just 24 hours after giving birth.


What are the unique characteristics of rodents?

Traits of rodents vary widely based on type, locale, and size. However, most rodents can swim; rats are able to tread water for up to three days! Rodents are also good jumpers, climbers, and burrowers. Mice can contort their bodies to squeeze through holes as small as a dime.

Rodents are also smart creatures. For example, rats can be trained to perform tricks and mice remember paths they took.

What are the habits of rodents?

Rodents can be herbivores (eating plant-based diets), predators (seeking out insects and other animals), or omnivores (eating almost anything). Common rodents like rats and mice will eat paper, wiring, drywall, and wood, along with human and pet food.

Rodents can be active both day and night. Rats and mice are generally nocturnal, avoiding people, while squirrels are prevalent in the daytime.

Where are rodents commonly found?

Rodents can live outside in underground burrows, trees, crevices between rocks, and in vegetation. They may also take us residence inside homes and other structures. They are mammals, which means they will seek warmth when temperatures are low.

What are the risks of a rodent infestation?

Non-domesticated rodents can pose a risk to people and pets. Rats and mice transmit at least 35 diseases including Lyme Disease, salmonella, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. Rodents can also be destructive to property and, if provoked, attack animals and humans.

Why choose MPC Pest Control?

  • MPC pest control uses special and latest rodent control techniques to provide its clients with impeccable results.
  • Our trained professionals are well equipped and experienced in managing the task effectively and efficiently.
  • We focus on Enhancing your living and working place & diminishing health risks along with shielding your property from pests.

Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations are cost effective control solution against rats and mice. They provide a practical, safe and ongoing system that require little servicing. These rodent bait stations are strategically positioned around your property to help reduce rodent incursions. Internal rodent bait stations are often used in conjunction with non-toxic traps and monitoring blocks. This allows our PMP’s to effectively monitor rodent activity and to take prompt action as required

Break back traps / Snap traps

Glue boards / Live cages

Professional break back rodent traps, rodent glue boards and live trap cages are used to control rodent populations that have intruded your building. They are effective tool for promptly reducing rodent infestations.

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