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As we know that there are numerous kinds of microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminthus etc. surrounds us. Some of the microorganisms are totally safe but some causes various diseases within us. Deep cleaning can kill the currently existed pathogen in your home or workplace, but don’t ensure you to reduce the risk of expected pathogens. So disinfection is the nice option to go for. Disinfection not only reduces the existing pathogens but if you go for advance disinfection than it reduce the risk of coming threats if any.


This is the process to make the microorganism inactive or execute out and out, while utilization of temperature, various synthetic concoctions or gases. The process is highly used to kills the microorganisms on the surfaces protect the surgical equipment and saloon tools against the contagious microorganism. Different products are used to sterilize items.

Below are the most common ones:
Autoclave – The exposure to heat kills bacteria and viruses completely. The temperatures inside the autoclave are very high, and hence it works on destroying the bacteria’s enzymes.
Ethylene oxide & Hydrogen per Oxide gas – It disturb the DNA setup of the microorganism so the pathogen can’t multiply. This process is also effective against most of the contagious viruses.
Ozone – This multiple oxygen molecule works mainly on the cell walls of viruses or bacteria by poking holes on them that eventually destroy these pathogens.


Sanitization is a technique used to reduce the number of microorganism and/or pathogens to a certain level where they can’t be harmful. 99.9% of microorganisms must be eliminated from the surface to achieve this. The remaining would not cause harm. However, some of the viruses are not being affected by sanitization, and,therefore, you should opt for a more effective method of elimination like disinfection. It is the common process in which to deep clean the surface first then apply sanitizer. There are various chemicals used when it comes to sanitization for
instance most commonly used are Sodium hypochlorite and Calcium hypochlorite. Applications of Chlorine gas also well a sanitizer in most of the sanitization process. The process beforehand requires proper information to the clients and the effectiveness of sanitizer used.

Commonly Used Sanitization Products:
– Soap or Detergents: Use to clean body, hands, surfaces and dishes.
– Bleach or Bleaching Liquid: This chemical destroys the cell membrane of the microorganism or lipid coating as in case of coronavirus. The method is used for sanitization and disinfection. But for sanitization its concentration should be very less.
– Quaternary Ammonium Compounds: This compound is widely used to get rid of various species of bacteria as it totally destroys bacterial cell membrane.


This is the process substantial reduction of microorganism population which is already reproducing and increasing. So the reproduction and increase of the microorganism or viruses reduced but almost stopped. Hence the remaining
minor population density could hardly cause any damage to individual health.Unlike sterilization, disinfection does not completely get rid of the microorganism unless the disinfectant used is indicated to be a specific sterilizer, used against the specific microorganism or virus.

Common Used Products for disinfection:

There are many Dubai Municipality approved disinfectant on the market. Here are the commonly used ones:

Soap & hand wash – Many people may not trust it, but it works. Soap or detergents work by breaking the enzymes of the bacteria, thus, making them harmless.
Bleaching compounds – They are harsh to the microorganisms since they are made from chlorine. The compound is very harmful for the skin also. So specific precaution to be taken in the application of this product.
Alcohol or Alcoholic derivatives – It works by destroying the proteins on the bacteria, viruses, and fungus. It means that it completely kills them.But alcohol or its derivatives does not stop the growth of bacteria or their
reproduction present on the surface. Note, alcohol is only active if its concentration level is 70% and above. So this chemicals to be applied by professional disinfection services providers.

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